Slipknot's Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor Says New Slipknot Album Is “Probably The Furthest We’ve Pushed The Boundaries Of Creativity And Experimentation”


Slipknot, etc. vocalist Corey Taylor recently spoke about the direction and creativity found on the band’s forthcoming new album “We Are Not Your Kind“, which will be out on August 09th. Appearing on the latest episode of the BBC Radio 1‘s ‘Rock Show With Daniel P Carter‘ (you can hear that here,) Taylor said of it:

“As a whole—and I can say this honestly—it is probably the furthest we’ve pushed the boundaries of creativity and experimentation, while also not losing our identity. So bands out there who go for all of that experimentation and forget who they are; they forget that there’s an audience that wants to hear a certain type—it doesn’t have to be the exact thing, but there has to be a certain emotion that they are looking for, that they want to hear.

…There has to be that touchstone. And you can go as far out as you want, but you have to be able to pull them back to that feeling that made them fans in the first place. And I really think we did with that album. We not only went places that we’ve hinted at musically over the years, but never really went full bore, but we’re also doing heavier things than we’ve ever done.

We’re still a band that has always just written music for us. If we’re not impressed by it, we’re not putting crap out, you know? Even stuff in retrospect where we may take a listen to it later and go, ‘Ah, I don’t know if that was us.’ But at the time, we’re absolutely backing it, you know, no matter what. So as long as we continue to write music for us first, and the audience second, that’s how you keep that excitement.”