Glenn Danzig

Glenn Danzig On ‘The Original Misfits’ Reunion Shows: “We’re Not Gonna Do Many More”


Glenn Danzig was recently interviewed by Full Metal Jackie on her radio show this past weekend and spoke of his upcoming plans, including his new film ‘Verotika‘, his approaching Elvis Presley covers album that is expected out this fall, his future touring plans and more.

Seemingly lending credence to recent reports that the spate of ‘The Original Misfits‘ shows emerged via the result of a legal settlement between him and Jerry Only, Danzig mentioned that they weren’t going to do many more shows. A draft of the aforementioned settlement had the pair legally obligated to perform no fewer than ten shows together and thus far nine of those dates have been played or announced.

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When asked about the selective nature of the reunion shows, Danzig replied (transcription via Loudwire):

“Well, I don’t tour anymore anyway. Maybe I’ll put together like a week or two shows here on the West Coast, or maybe on the East Coast and that’s it. With the Misfits thing, we just kinda got back together and just decided we’d do it here or there, and just not make it a grind kinda tour. We just want to make each event special. We’re not gonna do many more. I know we just announced Seattle and Denver, but I’m pretty sure there’s not gonna be many more of them.

So people should see it while they can because, I know, next year I go out with Danzig again for Europe and may do some dates here in the States. I gotta do a Danzig Sings Elvis thing – select shows maybe around the country. Those will be more special. There’s no seating. It’s all tables. It’s gonna be a very cool kind of old school vibe. This year I’ve got some time off in between working on the movie, so we decided to do a couple extra shows. Then, that’ll be it I think for a while.”

Meanwhile, Danzig himself has been rather notorious when it comes to having smart phones and cameras at his shows in the past, going great lengths to prevent the audience from using them. As it turns out, he is not a fan of the devices himself. It later comes up in the aforementioned interview that he carries a flip phone, though he only carries it out of necessity. Regarding that he stated:

“Yeah, the phone tracking, and listening in and everything and all the hacking. I don’t need it. I don’t really want the flip phone. I don’t want people to get in touch with me when I’m out and about.”

Danzig‘s first feature-length film as a director, ‘Verotika‘, opened at this past week’s ‘Cinepocalypse‘ film festival in Chicago, IL and the initial impressions of the film haven’t been very positive.

Current The Original Misfits dates include:

06/29 Los Angeles, CA – Banc Of California Stadium
09/07 Denver, CO – Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre
09/14 Seattle, WA – White River Amphitheatre

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