Make Them Suffer

Make Them Suffer Keyboardist Calls Out Stage Diver For Groping Her At Leipzig Show


Make Them Suffer keyboardist/vocalist Booka Nile took to social media today, May 12th, following their live performance at Naumanns in Leipzig, Germany. During that show a stage diving fan is said to have groped her after crowd surfing their way onto the stage. She commented of the incident:

The band themselves also responded, putting out the following tweet on the matter:

Sadly, it would seem this incident of inexcusable behavior is not isolated in the heavy music scene this year as Otep frontwoman Otep Shamaya also accused a number of individuals of groping/sexual assaulting her during her February 24th, 2019 show at the Futurum in Prague, CZE. She said of the incident at the time:

“Prague. Beautiful people. Beautiful venue. Amazing show ❤️ Much love to the majority of good ppl of Prague who gave us an incredible show ❤️ Love & respect to you all 🖤 You are some crazy motherfuckers 🔥 Good and bad 🔥 Meeting & talking with so many incredibly devoted & passionate fans: Beautiful madness 🖤 Watching you lose your minds during the songs & feeling your passion during the show — Incredible 🔥 Hearing you scream every lyric & chanting my name after the last song — Wow. Beautiful ❤️ Talking before the show and getting gifts and kisses from all the beautiful women here: Just lovely 🖤 Signing this dude’s face after the show — Insane & amazing 🖤 Signing other ppls skin with my autograph & my sadistic scribbles: An honor 🖤 But … 😡 Being sexually assaulted THREE fucking times DURING my show: BAD 😡 Really, really bad 🔥 Especially for those who did it. They left pretty lumped up bcz I don’t play that shit 🔥 You grope my breasts while I’m on stage, during a song, and then punch me in the stomach when I tell you to stop multiple times, you’re gonna catch a fucking beating 🔥 You scream “show me your cunt” then charge the stage & say “I like what you have” and then grab my vagina, you’re gonna catch a fucking beating — maybe a broken orbital socket and your bone pierces your upper cheek & blood pours down your face — so be it 🔥 Or you work at the club and come to apologize for what happened & then then try to force yourself on me, you’re gonna catch a fucking beating 🔥 These idiots were disgusting & got what they deserved 💯✊🏽 But much, much love to the rest of my fans for coming to my aid when no one else would and for showing me that the majority of the ppl of Prague are beautiful souls & simply incredible in every way 🖤 Thank you sooo much for that ❤️ All my love & respect. Forever ❤️”

Make Them Suffer have been out in Europe opening for The Word Alive on the latter’s 10th anniversary tour. The remaining dates for that run include:

05/14 Berlin, GER – Musik & Frieden
05/15 Copenhagen, DEN – Stengade
05/16 Stockholm, SWE – Kraken
05/18 Helsinki, FIN – Nosturi
05/20 Gothenburg, SWE – Fangelset
05/21 Hamburg, GER – Logo
05/22 Haarlem, NET – Patronaat
05/23 London, UK – Underworld
05/25 Leeds, UK – Slam Dunk
05/26 Hatfield, UK – Slam Dunk

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