Tengger Cavalry

Tengger Cavalry Frontman Nature G Speaks On His Past Suicide Attempt Following Band’s Legal Woes


Tengger Cavalry frontman Nature Ganganbaigal has opened up on his past suicide attempt that apparently took place around the period of late 2017/early 2018. You may recall that back in February of 2018 the band broke up days after releasing their album “Cian Bi” on Napalm Records. The band had previously been signed with M-Theory Audio and a bitter legal dispute emerged between the two parties as a result.

In a feature with Kerrang!, Nature revealed that the legal war, which saw his former label seeking to claim all publishing rights from their previous work led him into a spiraling depression. Between the stresses of his day job and the legal troubles brewing with his music career, he eventually found himself atop a building in New York contemplating taking his own life.

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Regarding that, he stated:

“I was on top of this building, thinking about doing it, when out of nowhere a bunch of police came. They were there doing an inspection, and asked me what I was doing here.

And I realized that deep down, I still wanted help. I wanted a way out. So I told them, and they called me an ambulance. I really appreciated their chief, this big guy, who told me his wife had been cheating on him after being married for twelve years. It was very sweet of him, trying to ease me out. They rescued me.”

He went on to say of the dates that followed:

“They put me into a suicide watch emergency room in Queens for about twelve hours. I explained to their team what I was going through, so they judged if I need further treatment. And I said, ‘I just need a lawyer.’

They decided to let me out—they tested me, and I didn’t have drugs or any alcohol in my system, I didn’t have any history, so they realized I was really just kind of desperate. But they did recommend I return to Asia and spend some time with my family.”

Shortly after disbanding Tengger Cavalry in February of 2018 Nature went back to China to be with his family, leaving his music career behind him.

He of course has since reunited the band with a new album titled “Northern Memory” on the way on May 10th. As for his current state of mind following the experience, he told Kerrang!:

“I think this traumatizing experience crippled me in a way, but also empowered me in a way. It crippled in terms of traumatizing memories—I’m still recovering from that.

But it empowered me because it gave me more strength and more confidence. It’s kind of how an animal learns from fear, and becomes a better hunter.”

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