Slipknot's Chris Fehn

Slipknot’s Business Manager Seeking To Dismiss Chris Fehn’s Lawsuit


Robert Shore, the business manager for Slipknot who was named in a lawsuit by the band’s ousted percussionist Chris Fehn, has responded to claims brought against him. Fehn filed a lawsuit against his then Slipknot bandmates Corey Taylor and M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan as well as the band’s business manager Robert Shore and his company Rob Shore & Associates back on March 13th, 2019. The legal filings have depicted Taylor and Crahan to be the general heads of the band’s side of their business affairs.

In that suit, Fehn alleged that Taylor and Crahan, with assistance from Shore, had secretly established a number of Slipknot-related business entities—which Fehn also named in his suit.

He goes on to claim that the trio had been operating these entities without his knowledge or consent in a bid to enrich their own endeavors rather than fairly contribute the profits to a general partnership he claims the band members had previously established to divide their revenue. It was later alleged that Fehn had only discovered the existence of these other band-related businesses during the negotiations for the group’s forthcoming new album, which is due out this August.

As such Fehn is seeking to have access to the band’s full accounting/business infrastructure to discover any potential money allegedly owed to him, as well as to establish potential damages. He ultimately also seeks to create a trust for the Slipknot trademarks that both the alleged general partnership and himself will be able to benefit from going forward.

In a new affidavit and memorandum meant to support a motion to dismiss Fehn‘s claim against the band, Shore claimed otherwise against some of Fehn‘s assertions. In particular, the nature of the alleged general partnership and the stakes Fehn claims to have in it were challenged. At one point Shore states of Fehn‘s general role in the band:

“Mr. Fehn performed with Slipknot and received a fee for doing so. He is not a shareholder, owner or member of any business entity he names as a defendant in this action.”

The claims for dismissal are further spelled out later in the document as such:

“Even a cursory review of the Fehn‘s complaint reveals the complete absence of necessary allegations. Among other defects, the complaint alleges no facts concerning the circumstances under which the de facto partnership was created, the nature of each alleged partner’s interest, Fehn‘s contribution, the purpose of the partnership or whether Fehn, by entering into this alleged business arrangement, undertook to share losses. The complaint must, therefore, be dismissed.”

Essentially this latest filing goes on to paint Fehn as more of a ‘hired gun’ in the band rather than a key member of the band and their business dealings and the operations, including investments, gains and losses, of a general partnership. Shortly after Fehn filed suit, he was kicked out of the band in a since-pulled statement. Should you want to delve a bit deeper into this latest document, Rock Feed have shared the below look at it.

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