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Anal Trump (Cattle Decapitation, Pinback) Launch $10,000 Edition Of New Record To Fund Anti-Trump Super PAC


Anal Trump, who feature members of Cattle Decapitation and Pinback, have announced the formation of their S.H.I.T. PAC (aka ‘So It Has Come To This PAC’), with which they aim to raise funds for organizations that ‘make [U.S. President Donald] Trump shit’.

To that end, the band are now offering a copy of their newest release, “The First 100 Songs“, across a series of 100 1” LPs. Only one pressing of that 100 disc set is available and has a price of $10,000 USD. As a bonus, it also comes with a specially modified turntable capable of playing said records. That said, a press release noted that Martin Shkreli is ineligible to buy the set.

Should you want to dive into that or the other far more affordable options available for the newly released effort, you can head here. Speaking on the release and the formation of S.H.I.T. PAC, the band’s own ‘Rob Trump‘ commented “Yes, it is fucking ridiculous that we are allowed to do this.” A press release also further revealed the Super PAC’s purpose, offering:

“S.H.I.T. PAC’s goal is to receive unlimited contributions from multi-national corporations, wealthy donors and foreign adversaries to fund deceptive political ads, targeted smear campaigns and various nefarious Anal Trump activities.”

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