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Anal Trump (Cattle Decapitation, Pinback) To Release “The First 100 Songs” On Election Day


Anal Trump, the grindcore side project of Cattle Decapitation‘s Travis Ryan and Pinback‘s Rob Crow, have a new EP titled “The First 100 Songs” headed for a November 06th (aka Election Day) release through Joyful Noise Recordings on ‘drain the swamp green vinyl.’ The collection will compile the material from the band’s previously released EPs with three new EPs: “Thoughts“, “Prayers” and “The Golden Age Of Willful Ignorance“. Pre-orders for the set can be found here.

Meanwhile, a preview of some of the songs from the release can be found below via Decibel, who are also running an interview with Crow. As for the material included from the new EPs, here’s what they run like:


01 – “My Cabinet Is Nuanced As Shit
02 – “Normalize It!
03 – “I Only Like The Prequels
04 – “Where’s My Apology?
05 – “What’s A Few Dead Kids Between Business Partners?
06 – “I Alone Can Fix It
07 – “The “Southern White House” IS Totally A Thing!
08 – “Can’t Get To Heaven Fast Enough
09 – “Melanie (A Love Song)
10 – “Dropping’ Bombs While Droppin’ Bombs While Droppin’ Bombs


01 – “Faith Initiative
02 – “Biblically Qualified
03 – “A Soft Sensuality
04 – “Potty Law!
05 – “A Widow’s Applause (Delicious)
06 – “Checks/Balances/Gay
07 – “It’s Just Business
08 – “Can A Brother Get An RT?
09 – “The Hand Shake
10 – “See Sex Tape

The Golden Age Of Willful Ignorance“:

01 – “Autocorrect Is Gay
02 – “Unpresidented
03 – “Renewable Resources Are Gay
04 – ““Experts”
05 – “Computers Are Stupid
06 – “Rational Discourse Is Gay
07 – “Last Night In Sweden
08 – “Human Checkers
09 – “The President Of Australia Is Gay
10 – “I’m Like A Smart Person

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