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Ex-Ghost Members Plan To Appeal Recent Court Decision In Their Suit Against The Band’s Tobias Forge


Ghost vocalist Tobias Forge‘s (aka Papa Emeritus/Cardinal Copia) recent victory in court could be short lived. Earlier this week a Swedish court dismissed the lawsuit brought against Forge by four ex-members of the band—Simon Söderberg (Alpha), Mauro Rubino (Air), Henrik Palm (Ether) and Martin Hjertstedt (Earth).

The four had alleged that Forge had shortchanged them during their tenure in the group, citing an alleged partnership agreement that entitled them to more of the band’s profits. In turn, they were seeking access to the band’s financial records for that time period. Forge for his part revealed in the proceedings that the musicians served more as touring/session players.

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A six-day trial recently concluded in Linköping, Sweden with the court dismissing the case earlier this week after being unable to find convincing evidence of such an agreement. In turn, the four were ordered to cover Forge‘s legal costs. Forge had originally claimed over 2 million kronor for his legal fees, though the court eventually ruled that 1.3 million kronor (roughly $145,000 USD) was a more reasonable sum.

Speaking with, the aforementioned four ex-members attorney Michael Berg confirmed that they intend to appeal the decision, though he declined to comment on the matter.

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