Behemoth’s Nergal: “I Can Imagine A World Without God, But I Can’t Imagine A World Without Slayer”


Behemoth vocalist/guitarist Nergal shares his thoughts on the current state of metal in the below newly released video from Nuclear Blast Records. In it he discusses the inevitable retirement tours that the bands he grew up listening to shall face and more. He said of the matter:

“Metal is strong. Metal is amazing. I’m happy that these bands retire for years—takes them years to retire, so I can see them go out and watch them play.

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Some bands you know, take ten years to say goodbye—Scorpions and others. Well, it makes me sad to see Slayer go, obviously. I think you were referring to the tour we just did with them—the world tour, one of the legs—it was a huge honor to be part of it. It was amazing on one hand, on the other hand it was pretty saddening. I’ve said it a few times already, I just can’t imagine a world without Slayer. I can imagine a world without God, but I can’t imagine a world without Slayer [laughs].”

He later speaks on the retirement of Black Sabbath and shares his thoughts on Iron Maiden and more eventually retiring at some point in the not too distant future. Behemoth‘s latest album “I Loved You At Your Darkest” arrived in stores on October 05th.

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