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System Of A Down’s Shavo Odadjian Discuses Band’s New Album Woes: “If It Was My Way, It Would Be Now”


System Of A Down bassist Shavo Odadjian appeared on KROQ‘s ‘The Kevin & Bean Show‘ today, October 09th, and in addition to discussing his own cannabis/lifestyle brand, also spoke on the perceived tension between System Of A Down‘s members and their internal struggles to get a new album made.

Earlier this year that tension seemingly reached a boiling point when this interview with guitarist Daron Malakian singled out frontman Serj Tankian as being the holdout to the band’s long-awaited new album. The piece prompted a frank public responded from Tankian himself, who outlined his personal reasons for not wanting to move ahead with a record. Among them were concerns over songwriting input, publishing and more.

It’s worth noting that the band themselves were back onstage again for the first time since the flare-up this past weekend, performing their first show of 2018 at the ‘Force Fest‘ in Mexico. This coming weekend they will return to the stage for a series of West Coast shows.

When asked about the band’s inner tension spilling out onto social media, Odadjian replied “Anything that you’ve read in the last two years, it’s been around for the last ten years. It’s just now coming out because social media is out there.”

In regards to when a new album from the band, he responded:

“If it was my way, it would be now. But it’s not, it takes four to tango… I’m hoping—because like I said, for me, we have so much material. We have material for like the last 10-12 years. We all write. So I personally have a lot, Daron has a lot, I know Serj got a lot, but I don’t know… I don’t know what’s going on.

I’m hoping, I’m wishing, you know? We still love each other. There’s nothing… No one’s done anything wrong. No one’s angry, it’s not like someone’s done something to someone and they can’t take it back. Nothing like that’s occurred. I think it’s just an artistic thing.”

When asked how it is possible for the band to continue playing together when at least one member has a differing vision, he replied:

“I personally do think about it always and I can’t speak for the rest of the guys, I do think about it. But I don’t hold grudges. I can’t do that. But it’s hurtful because I do want to play and I want to make music and I want to make a record and I didn’t join a band and didn’t get famous to stop playing music.

I want to play more music. But it is what it is and we’re gonna roll through the punches.”

He later added:

“I can’t force anybody on stage. I can’t force anybody into a studio. I can’t force anyone anywhere. And it won’t be good for us either. Nothing is good for us, everything has to come natural and become what it is.”

When one of the hosts joked that they should send the ‘psychiatrist’ from Metallica‘s “Some Kind Of Monster” documentary (‘performance enhancement coach’ Phil Towle,) Odadjian replied:

“I’ve had that conversation. That would be cool, like maybe someone has to sit in the middle and be like ‘this is what it means.’ And ‘this is what he means.’ But it’s not like someone has done something. There’s no like where he could be ‘oh he did this for that reason.’…”

The band’s next round of touring includes the following shows:

10/13 San Bernardino, CA – Glen Helen Amphitheater (feat. Incubus, At The Drive In, Clutch, Pallbearer and Skeletonwitch)
10/14 Sacramento, CA – Aftershock Festival

With At The Drive In & Skeletonwitch:

10/16 Phoenix, AZ – Talking Stick Resort Arena
10/17 San Diego, CA – Valley View Casino Center
10/19 Las Vegas, NV – T-Mobile Arena

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