Deicide’s Glen Benton Says Calling Slipknot A Homophobic Slur Was A “Learning Experience”


Deicide frontman Glen Benton has once again appeared on the ‘Talk Toomey‘ podcast and spokn a bit about the controversial remarks he made during his appearance on the show back in 2016. You may recall that Benton unloaded on Slipknot and Corey Taylor for allegedly telling Deicide they would take them out on tour and never following through.

Benton didn’t skimp on the language in his rant against the band at the time either, telling them “blow” him while also using a homophobic slur. For his part, Taylor himself later disputed Benton‘s version of events.

Now a few years removed from the controversy that ensued, Benton described the situation as a “learning experience,” while offering:

“What people don’t understand is when I grew up, man, when we were kids and that, we used to call each other names like that [Benton is reffering to the calling Slipknot ‘f*gs’. There was none of this political correctness bullshit, or anybody, about everybody saying that. It was taken a little more harsher than I wanted it to be taken.”

He later went on to joke about the controversy that ensued from his original comments, quipping at one point that Taylor was going to ‘make a cookbook about it.’ Deicide themselves have a September 14th release date slated for their new album “Overtures Of Blasphemy“.