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Power Trip Frontman Riley Gale Opened A Dialogue With A Fox News Host After Their Song Was Played On The Station


Late last year Power Trip‘s song “Executioner’s Tax (Swing Of The Axe)” got play on Fox News‘ program ‘The Five‘, thanks to the show’s resident metalhead, Greg Gutfeld. Being of opposing political beliefs than the network, the band were not enthused about the matter tweeting ‘cease & desist’ and more.

The band’s frontman Riley Gale has since revealed to Revolver that he reached out to Gutfeld after the episode, asking him how he heard of the band and if he knew what the song was about it. That led to the pair having a discussion on the phone with Gale stating: “You know, the dude’s pretty anti-authoritarian, believes in a lot of police reform, pro-legalization of all drugs.”

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Gale and Gutfeld apparently remain in touch as well, with Gale tipping off Gutfeld on bands to potentially play on ‘The Five‘. Gale‘s stance on the Republican-leaning news station hasn’t changed much though since, offering: “It’s hard to defend Fox News in any way.”

Gale also explained how he hopes that those listening to the band adhere at least to some of the morals and beliefs the group themselves hold dear, stating:

“We’re political in a sort of morally relativistic way where if someone is wearing a Power Trip shirt, you can probably assume that that person isn’t like some weird, racist, meathead piece of shit — hopefully. We try to make it pretty clear that we might all be white males, but this is not a band for white males to enjoy and be dumb rednecks.”

You can find more from Gale and his band over at Revolver.

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