Bill Hader In Barry

Bill Hader Explains Heavy Metal’s Influence On HBO’s ‘Barry’, Touches On His Own Metalhead/Punk Past


Comedian/actor/writer, etc. Bill Hader spoke of his teenage fandom of the Misfits and Metallica in a recent interview with Hader currently plays the titular lead in the HBO series ‘Barry‘, appearing as a hitman with a passion for theatre/acting.

While by no means prominent, heavy metal has repeatedly crept into the show with a Metallica poster being featured in the Hader‘s character’s bedroom, while Pantera‘s “Cowboys From Hell” also got some playtime during a rather chaotic scene.

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According to Hader, the Metallica poster featured in his room is there for two reasons. As Hader sees it, his character “stunted at a certain age, at the age of 15, and for me, that’s when I was listening to Metallica.” However he also conceded that the show’s co-creator Alec Berg is a big metalhead, offering that Berg:

“…Still listens to Metallica and loves Metallica. And he loves Slayer and metal in general.

He’s a big fan of that. For me it was more of this character thing, and for Alec he was like ‘Oh yeah, and because Metallica is awesome.’”

During the chat Hader revealed that his teenage years saw him frequently listening to Metallica, though his interests shifted to punk after hearing the band cover the Misfits on their “Garage Days Re-Revisited” EP.

Hader spoke of being sent home from school for wearing a Misfits shirt and went on to reveal that he opted out of seeing the band’s December 30th, 2017 reunion show in Los Angeles, CA with Glen Danzig:

“I got invited to [a show] in L.A. a couple months ago and I’m going to be totally honest, I was like, there’s going to be moshing and I’m afraid of being caught in a mosh pit. It’s gonna get rowdy and I got three kids and I’m old and you know what? Watching them on YouTube is enough for me. I don’t have to deal with someone punching me in the face.”

Ironically of course the Misfits have been attempting to enforce a no phone policy at some of their recent shows.

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