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The Ocean’s Next Release Will Now Be A Double Album


The Ocean‘s forthcoming effort “Phanerozoic” has ballooned into a double album. Speaking in a recent interview with drummer Paul Seidel spoke of the band’s ambitious vision for the project:

“…We’ve already started recording the new album which will follow the “story” traced by ‘Precambrian‘. Thematically it picks up where ‘Precambrian‘ left off. Basically, ‘Precambrian‘ is the drawing of the Earth as it is, while the new album will take on the birth of living organisms, how they prospered, and their evolution until pretty much the arrival of human beings.

It’s a big task, which is why it’s going to develop into two records, with the first part probably due in November. As for recording a record, it’s all a matter of characters in the band.

It’s about people’s characters and what ideas different people bring to the table and with The Ocean it’s a little different because it’s always been Robin who takes care of a lot. He always has a certain vision in mind. I’m never sure if it’s a full-grown idea or a mega-concept floating around, but its’ a long process from formulating an initial idea and drawing it into something that everyone kind of understands in the band.

Because I can record a drum demo at home and have all the melodies ready in my head but as long as that is not turned into something other people will not understand that. So the process with this record was pretty much Robin having an idea and writing a record that fits that idea. Now we’re in the middle of shaping the diamond, like this gem that you find and now everyone is working hard on shaping it into something beautiful.”

[via MetalSucks]

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