Jonathan Davis Of Korn

See Korn’s Jonathan Davis Guest On SKYND’s Serial Killer Inspired “Gary Heidnik”


Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis guests on both the song and in the newly debuted video for SKYND‘s track “Gary Heidnik“. The song takes its name and inspiration from serial rapist/killer Gary Heidnik. Davis himself is of course no stranger to serial killers, having amassed a collection of various memorabilia and at one point having planned to display his collection in an ill-fated serial killer musem.

Davis spoke to Metal Hammer of the song’s inspiration:

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“[Gary Heidnik] just had a bunch of sex slaves. ‘Buffalo Bill‘ [from ‘The Silence Of The Lambs‘] was based off of him. Gary had a pit in the ground and a bunch of girls as sex slaves, and when he thought they were trying to escape, he busted their eardrums with a screwdriver so they couldn’t hear. And he kept torturing them and fucking them and torturing them, and then one girl died so he didn’t know what to do, so that’s when he took her and ground her up, and started feeding the other girl to the other girls. It’s such a crazy story.

You can watch videos of the one girl that escaped. I watched her video, and that’s where I got my line, ‘The food looks good enough, good enough to eat,’ because he was feeding them dog food laced with their friends. So that’s some dark shit. Skynd’s been waiting for a long time to get this shit out, it’s going to be awesome.”

SKYND will release “Chapter 1” on August 15th.

[via Metal Hammer]