GhostMikael Eriksson

Ghost Have Been Touring With More Female ‘Nameless Ghoulettes’ In Their Lineup Lately


As the scope of Ghost‘s music and stage production continues to expand, so too does their touring roster. If you haven’t caught the band live in recent months you might not be aware that they have been touring with two ‘Nameless Ghoulettes’ handling vocals, keys, tambourines and such.

Notably it would appear that the band’s first proper ‘Ghoulette’ (reportedly Megan Thomas,) is no longer on bass with a male ‘Nameless Ghoul’ back on the four-string duties during the group’s July 14th performance this past weekend at the annual ‘Dynamo Festival‘ in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Such turnover in the lineup has of course been a constant throughout Ghost‘s career however with numerous musicians having cycled through the band that is helmed by mastermind Tobias Forge (aka Papa Emeritus/Cardinal Copia).