Powerman 5000

Powerman 5000’s Spider One Speaks Of Distancing Himself Professionally From His Brother Rob Zombie Early On


Though Powerman 5000 frontman Spider One is the younger brother of Rob Zombie, it’s not something either artist have ever really put out there. If you’re unaware, Rob Zombie himself was born Robert Cummings and Spider One was born Michael Cummings.

While it could be easy to see how Spider One could have benefitted from the association, to this day it remains something that the two siblings have intentionally shied away from. Appearing recently on the ‘Talk Toomey Podcast‘, Spider One said of that:

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“In the beginning we made it a rule. Like when we signed to Dreamworks and we started getting press and started to write biographies and stuff it was a rule that it was not going to be mentioned. That was our thing.

We are not going to use this. This is not going to be ‘Rob Zombie‘s brother’s band.’ I mean inevitably it gets out and it’s fine, I don’t care. You know, I’ll talk about it… But yeah we definitely made to be known from the band and management that this is not… we do not want to see this written on any press release, because it will naturally be known by fans.

It’s funny because people are still finding out. I’ll get messages on Twitter where people are like ‘oh my god, I just found out…’ And it’s like ‘You just found out?’… And yeah I mean we don’t really cross paths that often.

We’ve only done a handful of things together. We’ve did a Europe run, we’ve never done a tour together in the states. We’ve occasionally just by accident played a few radio shows together here.

It’s just something we don’t… I don’t know if it matters one way or the other. People ask me sometimes if it’s helpful or does it hurt? And at the end of the day I think it’s kind of a wash.

It wasn’t the reason for any success, because we didn’t utilize it at all. And then I don’t think that it takes away from anything. The only thing it does—maybe not at this point—but back in the day, maybe when someone found out they would just be curious and check it out, check out our band because they like Rob.

At the end of the day we were the ones who had to write a good song and put on a good live show. So I don’t think… just the association created any success, nor did it hurt us in anyway, I just kinda think it is what it is and kind of remained that.”

He later went on to say that if they ever toured together in the future it would be up to Rob to put it together.

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