SUMAC Announce September Release For New Album “Love In Shadow”


SUMAC (Baptists, Russian Circles, ex-Isis, etc.) have announced a September 21st release date for their new album “Love In Shadow” on Thrilljockey Records. Recording sessions for the album took place live at Robert Lang Studios in Shoreline, WA with Converge‘s Kurt Ballou taking on the producing and mixing duties. Frontman Aaron Turner said of the outing:

“Since many of the surface level aspects of our being are often used as divisive tools to separate/alienate us from one another, the intent here is reveal that at our base level all humans desire and need to be loved and accepted for who they are, for just being.”

Pre-orders are live now at this location with a trailer posted below.

Sumac - Love In Shadow

01 – “The Task
02 – “Attis’ Blade
03 – “Arcing Silver
04 – “Ecstasy Of Unbecoming