Filter Planning “Official Reboot Of Initial Filter”, Writing Direct Follow-up To Debut Album “Short Bus”


Filter haven’t been too cloak and dagger when it comes to their intentions for their next release. Recent posts on social media from the band’s reunited core of Richard Patrick and returning founding member Brian Liesegang spell out those plans plainly however.

Patrick himself stated this week that their next album is being planned as an official follow-up to their platinum selling 1995 debut album, “Short Bus“, and may carry the title of “Re-Bus“.

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Liesegang meanwhile went on to describe the new album as “an official reboot of initial Filter.” He said of that:

Richie posted this yesterday on his FB, but yeah, we are gearing up for official reboot of initial Filter. Working right at this instant together on lyrics. We have fun afternoons and focusing the loud and the pretty noise maelstrom. Gonna be a full length, and its hard or maybe not right to call it a sequel, as it’s not so much that in that it is just a return to a certain approach and philosophy. Whatever. Not gonna overthink it, just do it. We’ll figure that all out later… In the middle of it now….. “

Patrick himself recently shared this revised take on the band’s hit song “Hey Man Nice Shot“.Liesegang returned to the fold several months back, having parted ways with the band back in 1997.