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Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell Reflects On The Band’s Discography In New Feature


Alice In Chains vocalist/guitarist Jerry Cantrell has reflected on the band’s albums to date as part of the latest entry in Noisey‘s ‘Rank Your Records’ feature. While he didn’t follow protocol in assigning an order to the main entries in the band’s catalog, he did share insight on each of them. You can find that feature over at this location. Some excerpts from it e include the following from Cantrell about their 1995 self-titled release:

“There’s a sadness to that record—it’s the sound of a band falling apart. It was our last studio record [to that point]. It’s a beautiful record, but it’s sad, too. It’s a little more exploratory, a little bit more meandering. It’s not as crafted as the rest of our records were.”

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Regarding the recording sessions of 1992’s “Dirt“:

“We decided we were going to do it all down in LA. We worked out there for two or three weeks, got the songs together, finished writing some stuff, and then we moved into the studio. We started getting sounds, getting everything set up, everyone was jacked up and ready to get started… and we were watching the TV when the verdict for the Rodney King incident was announced, and the riots started that day.

The first day of our record, LA tore itself apart protesting police brutality. We had to try to get out of the town without getting hurt. I think we took Tom Araya [of Slayer] with us and went out to Joshua Tree for four or five days, and just kinda tripped out in the desert until things calmed down. And then we moved back into the studio and started recording—that’s how Dirt started.”

Alice In Chains are preparing their new album for a summer release date with more details to come.