dredg Guitarist Speaks On New Album Progress, Jokes “We Won’t Take As Long As Tool”


It’s been roughly seven years since the release of dredg‘s divisive fifth studio album, “Chuckles And Mr. Squeezy“. The band eventually went on hiatus in 2014 and recently broke their silence earlier this year with word of a new album being worked on.

Appearing recently on the ‘Pants OFF! Podcast‘, the band’s guitarist Mark Engles (also of Black Map) spoke about where they are at with the effort thus far. When asked if it was true they had begun work on the outing, he responded:

“A little bit. I would say more precisely we’ve been in communication a lot. And we’ve been re-organizing and cleaning up and getting our rehearsal and studio space back together so that eventually we’ll dig in hard. The guys back at home are working on some stuff.

We worked on a little bit before I left but hasn’t been serious, serious writing sessions yet. But, we’re hanging out. We’re communicating. Dealing with the business side, B.S. stuff. You know, labels and lawyers and those types of things you have to deal with that are not glamorous. But, yes it is up and running. Slowly but surely.”

Engles went on to state that if and when dredg return he will still remain a member of Black Map. He later cautioned that the new dredg record is only in the ’embryonic stages,’ jokingly stating “We won’t take as long as Tool, but we’re not putting an album out for a bit.”

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