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Lamb Of God Streaming Their Cover Of Bad Brains’ “I Against I” (Updated)


Update May 11th, 2018 08:32am:

Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe has since commented on the track, offering:

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“It’s been a super-big honor to recently sing with one of my favorite bands of all time. Playing with the Bad Brains was an unearthly experience – trying to replace the fastest-singing human ever on songs like ‘Banned In DC‘ and ‘Pay To Cum.’ When it came time to choose our cover of ‘I Against I‘, I was trying not to sound like H.R., as he’s so unique, but yet also throwing in enough of his style to show respect to his unique voice, through my interpretation. To cover the Bad Brains can’t be a straight-forward cover, we had to nail it, and we did.”

Original Story:

Lamb Of God are back with another cover under their Burn The Priest moniker. The latest track the band have taken on is Bad Brains‘ “I Against I“—a song Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe is quite intimate with, given his past performances fronting Bad Brains. The band’s rendition of the track will appear on their forthcoming 20th anniversary covers album “Legion: XX“, which they will release as Burn The Priest next Friday, May 18th.

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