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Spencer Chamberlain Says Underoath’s Shift From Being A Christian Band Was “One Of The Best Things We Ever Did”


Though Underoath haven’t subscribed to being a Christian band for at least roughly five years, (see here,) many of the band’s fanbase were still shocked to find Spencer Chamberlain saying the word ‘fucking’ on the group’s recent comeback single, “On My Teeth“.

Chamberlain has now spoken further on distancing themselves from the faith-based beliefs that the outfit adhered to earlier in their career. Speaking with Revolver of the criticisms of organized religion found on their upcoming new album, “Erase Me“, he offered:

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“I think that whole idea of spelling it out was a no-brainer for us. If anyone understands how a band works it’s really really hard to juggle all those relationships and personalities. Then in addition to all of that we were adding religion to it and holding people accountable to different things as they’re growing up and learning about themselves and telling them, “You have to be like me, do the things that I’m doing.”

I don’t care what fucking religion you are, that’s so not what it’s about. It’s not about a unit moving together, it’s about a bunch of people growing up on their own. It was so much pressure and everything you did — no pun intended — you were crucified for. You couldn’t do anything without someone being angry. People don’t realize how much that weighs on you.”

My drug problem was very public and all of the Christian community hated me. I was struggling and all I was getting was hate, like, all I’m having is people tell me how shitty I am all the time. That’s not love, that’s not comfortable. The most alone and isolated I’ve ever been in my life is when I considered myself a Christian, personally.

Because I had real issues going on in my life and no one could talk to me about it. There was no help. There was nothing. It was just hide it, don’t talk about because if you do you’re not Christian and the band can’t go on anymore and that’s such an unrealistic thing. Life happens, people deal with stuff differently. It was driving us all apart and it was making things really unhealthy and I had a huge problem with calling the band a Christian band.”

He further added:

“I think part of music and art is stirring the pot. One of the best things we ever did was when we agreed not to be a Christian band anymore, and when we made this record the [phrase] “That’s not Underoath enough” was not allowed to be said because those two things fucking ruined our band in the first place. We couldn’t grow musically and we couldn’t grow individually and once we let that stuff go we became a healthy happy family that got along and were able create music again.

I’ve been off drugs for over a year and I know that was able to happen because we just let all those titles and restrictions go. That’s beautiful to me and if people are mad about that they can be mad all they want. I’m at a point in life where I can happy and healthy and they really want us to be a metal band and a Christian band again? I would be dead by now. I would be miserable — and overdosed on drugs — and there wouldn’t be an Underoath.”

Erase Me” will be released on April 06th and the band have this tour booked supporting it.