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Core 10 Respond To Their Haters In New Interview, Say “Hip Hop Artists Are Loving Core 10”


Core 10 will soon be releasing some new music with a new single titled “Introspection” due next month. According to a new interview with the group over at CV Weekly, the track will be their ‘heaviest single thus far.” In the same interview, the band’s Ronnie King and Sean Lenhoff responded to the criticism the group have faced since revealing themselves to the world:

Ronnie King: “I have a great response to the detractors. I’m engaged in all kinds of music. I’m heavily involved in hip hop and I’m working on the biggest reggae records around. I’m writing, recording and playing keyboards with Steel Pulse.

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I’m writing and working with Pepper. I just got done working this past weekend with Tommorows Bad Seeds and Lewis Richards (17th Street Recording Studio). I don’t really fall into any pigeon-hole kind of idea. I’m ‘rangy’. I’m writing my David Foster record I’m playing with the Seattle Symphony.

Hip hop artists are loving Core 10! I’ve got Ron Killings [R Truth of the WWE] loving it. Every hip hop artist I let listen to Core 10 are out of their minds about it. I just had Luciano Jr. from Buenos Aires artist Los Fabuloso Cadillacs put his rap on a Core 10 song. He said it was the coolest stuff he’s done in a long time.

I think if you’re narrowing down to trolls and people who are following David’s career and such, it is what it is. You’re dealing with 14 year old men at that point. You’re not dealing with my crowd who is the David Foster crowd, the big production and industry crowd. If you can come up with something unique, everybody loves it. I believe Core 10 is in that world.”

Sean Lenhoff: “I have had my moments with the naysayers. It’s been a trial by fire. We create with no fear. Do what we do, everything else be damned and just kick ass!”