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Archspire Frontman Launches GoFundMe To Get Singing Lessons For The Faceless’ Michael Keene


Archspire vocalist Oliver Rae Aleron is back with another beef-driven GoFundMe campaign. Previously he attempted to raise funds to ‘fight Tim Lambesis.’ This time around, Aleron is pursuing a beef against The Faceless guitarist/vocalist Michael Keene, attempting to buy him singing lessons. As the campaign states:

“Please help my dear freind Micheal Keene fulfill his dream of becoming a talented singer. He has been attempting to sing for many years now but just can’t seem to figure it out. I hope that with your help and the proper training he can one day achieve his dream of singing his heart out without sounding like a nasally, tone def, strung out Mike Patton. Any donation will be greatly appreciated by everyone in the death metal community.”

Some more insight into their beef can be found via the below Facebook post shared by Aleron. Keene‘s initial statement shared in the below screencap references The Faceless‘ recent decision to remove Inanimate Existence from a tour following allegations leveled against their singer, Cameron Porras. Porras for his part has denied those initial allegations. Backstory on the Paris attacks jokes he refers to can be found here.

Keene for his part replied in the comments of said post, offering:

“Your right. I drew first blood. I wasn’t paying attention closely enough when Justin was talking about what your drummer said. Not you. Can we just drop this childish bullshit?”

[via MetalSucks]