Vile Ones (Oh, Sleeper, Ex-Scarlet) Sign With Good Fight Music, Debut “Bait & Collar”


Good Fight Music have signed Vile Ones, who feature Oh, Sleeper vocalist Micah Kinard and ex-Scarlet members Randy Vanderbilt and Andreas Magnusson among their ranks. Kinard said of the group:

“The band is an outlet for all of us to write untethered to trends, concepts, or styles. To just vent whatever we want unabashedly.

We all thrive off of collaboration and Vile Ones has created a new and exciting blank-canvas in which to backboard whatever random inspirations may spark within us.

We each respect each other’s craft and contributions immensely making it really exciting to see which of these little sparks turn to fire in a release.”

The band will have their debut EP, “Teeth“, out through the label on January 05th. Below you can find a new song titled “Bait & Collar” from it. Kinard said of that particular track:

“The first few lines of ‘Bait & Collar‘ came to me while on a rather lengthy Frank Zappa tangent. The song, to me, is ultimately a reflection of the societal complacency of ‘cog-in-machine’ living and the consumerist approach to improving lifestyle and obedience. But as in all the lyrics I write, the “meaning” is whatever the listener personally sees through the lens of their own experience while alone with the song, words music and all.”

“The album name represents what this band is. Something raw, genuine, ugly, and beautiful all at the same time and completely unapologetic. ‘Teeth‘ is a neutral word with a very visceral feel. It’s the focus when describing the violent jaws of a monster while also the anglicism of a smile. It embodies the notion that every human is naturally neutral, all of us skirting the line between angel and animal. We are by nature good, bad, ugly, beautiful, flawed and perfect all at once, and that’s okay.”