Danica Roem

Metal Vocalist Danica Roem Becomes First Openly Transgender State Lawmaker


Democrat Danica Roem earned a seat in Virginia’s House of Delegates yesterday, November 07th. While the fact that she fronts metal band Cab Ride Home (see below) and now sits on a U.S. state’s legislature is certainly notable, Roem is also now the first openly transgender person ever elected to such a position in the country.

She unseated 73-year-old Republican Bob Marshall with her win, who was outspoken for his various controversial viewpoints on the LBGTQ community. Marshall  made headlines with his introduction of Virginia House Bill 1414, which would allow the refusal of service to people of the LBGTQ community by any public or private business licensed by the state. He also introduced House Bill 1612, known as the ‘Physical Privacy Act’, which restricted the use of certain bathrooms by transgender people.