Prophets Of Rage

Prophets Of Rage Call Out YouTube For Putting Age Restriction On Their “Hail To The Chief” Video


Prophets Of Rage‘s latest music video for their track “Hail To The Chief has caused some controversy, and given the controversial imagery of it, that is probably of little surprise. The group state that YouTube has enforced an age restriction on the clip, issuing the below public statement:

“We consider censorship in any form to be an egregious violation of our right to free speech. We were shocked to see that YouTube has placed an age restriction on viewing our “Hail To The Chief” video, something no other media outlet has done.

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Furthermore, one can watch Saddam Hussein’s execution with no age restriction, can watch a car kill innocent bystanders in Charlottesville, but one cannot watch a politically minded video?? We question this decision by YouTube and demand free and unrestricted access to the video immediately.

Prophets of Rage

Previously the band had accused “whining right-wing censors” of getting their past video for “Radical Eyestemporarily banned from YouTube.

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