Alice In Chains' Layne Staley

Mother Of Late Alice In Chains Singer Layne Staley Discusses Her Son’s Battle With Addiction


Nancy McCallum, the mother of late Alice In Chains frontman Layne Staley, has spoken to The Seattle Times regarding her sons struggles with heroin addiction, the current opioid crisis and discovering her son’s body upon his passing. Staley would have turned 50 on August 22nd had he not passed away from an overdose in 2002.

An annual tribute concert will be held for him at The Moore Theatre in Seattle, WA tomorrow, August 19th and will feature Alice In Chains tribute band Jar Of Flies as well as special guests with proceeds to benefit Therapeutic Health Services. Discussing the current opioid crisis and her own son’s struggles, she said:

“That’s what his music was about. The life of an addict.”

“He was touring around the world, he was at home and he was in treatment. He was caught in a trap. I came to understand it too late. Addiction is a disease like any other. Like a cancer, it can be treated, but it can also reoccur. We shouldn’t judge. The emphasis should be on research and treatment.”

She also commented of her insistence to go in and sit with her sons body upon the discovery of his death, saying that “I told him I was sorry this was how it turned out.” Speaking further of the matter in the interview, she stated:

“Society thinks mothers are weak and whiny. But women go to war, we have babies. This was my war. While others were in Afghanistan and Iraq, he was fighting a war at home. He chose to write about it and sing about it and perform about it. It was a warning.”

You can read more over at The Seattle Times.