King Parrot

King Parrot Debut “Die Before You Die”


King Parrot are streaming “Die Before You Die” off their new album “Ugly Produce“. Housecore/Agonia will have that album out on September 22nd. The band said of this latest cut:

“This track was one of the last we put together when we were writing the album. It’s got a real thrash vibe to it, but also features some of the slowest and sludgiest moments from our forthcoming album.

The lyrics touch on breaking out of the mold that’s expected of you in society, and pissing caution to the wind. It’s effectively what we’ve had to do to get this band out of Australia. If you live like you’ve already died, or approach life from that mindset, you can get through most things without fear.”

[via Decibel]

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