HaemorrhageMiguel Angel Galindo

Haemorrhage Set October Release For New Album, Stream “Nauseating Employments”


Haemorrhage‘s new album “We Are The Gore” will receive an October 06th release through Relapse with pre-order options available here. The band recorded the effort at Mpire Studio in Madrid, Spain with Alfredo and Javi Ustara. Guest appearances from current/former members of Carcass, Impaled, Ghoul, Gruesome and more are featured on unspecified tracks.

Below you can find a stream of the album’s opening track “Nauseating Employments“, of which the band commented:

“We are totally excited about this song’s premiere. It was so hard for us to keep everything secret during this time. We think we recorded our best album and what we wanted is show everyone what we did, but we had to wait for six months. Now the wait is over and we hope our fans will love our album. This song is the first on the album and one of its most brutal songs. It’s also perfect to tell everyone what the album concept is about, that is the people that work in the disgusting side of life… you know doctors, nurses, undertakers, cremators…”