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Nitro Launch $135,000 Crowdfunding Campaign For New Album


Nitro have launched this Indiegogo campaign for $135,000 to facilitate the recording and release of their new album. As previously reported, Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler has signed on for the recording sessions, handling the drumming. Bass legend Victor Wooten will be tracking the bass. Given that $135,000 isn’t exactly small change, the band provided their budget breakdown for the album, it runs as follows:

“ALBUM BUDGET: Includes studio time, engineer, producer, mixing, mastering, travel, accommodations, artwork, etc.

Grand Total: $95,400.00

Fundraising Total: $135,000.00
Indie GoGo Fees (5%): – $6,750.00
Credit Card fees (3%): – $4,050.00
Adjust Gross: $124,200.00
Cost of Goods for Perks (22%): -$29,700.00
Money for recording expenses: $94,500.00”

The below video for the campaign was shared today and finds the band having quite a bit of fun telling the tale of their past and where they are now.