Cavalera Conspiracy

Cavalera Conspiracy Land Godflesh’s Justin Broadrick For New Album


Cavalera Conspiracy‘s next album will feature a guest turn from Godflesh frontman/guitarist Justin Broadrick. Frontman Max Cavalera (also of Soulfly, etc.) recently told The Rockpit:

“…We have a new Cavalera Conspiracy album that is done, it’s going to be mastered tomorrow. It’s going to come out in October on Napalm Records, it’s a beast of a record. I think it’s got a really cool mix of death and thrash metal, it’s a really well put together album and we have Justin from Godflesh singing on one song.

I put it neck to neck with anything we did in the past, by far my favourite of all the Cavalera albums. I think it’s going to surprise a lot of people. I think we did a great job on the production, our friend Arthur Rizk, he produced the last Power Trip record and Inquisition album so he’s kind of an underground up and coming producer.

He was really excited and motivated to work with us and I really think he got some stuff out of me and Igor that wouldn’t come out normally. He manged to get it out of us, that was great so I’m very excited for people to hear it out in October hopefully.”

Cavalera also spoke of working with Rizik:

“…We worked very closely on the vocals and it was cool because he was showing me a way of singing that I haven’t sung since ‘Morbid Visions‘. He would play pieces of ‘Morbid Visions‘ for me and would say, ‘What do you think when you sung that?’ I was like, ‘I wasn’t thinking’. ‘Do the same with this song, just don’t think about it’.

I would do something crazy and it was fantastic, it was kind of a liberating experience when you have that ‘No Hope No Fear‘ type feeling you know? So we just went for it, we have an instrumental song that’s amazing, we have the Godflesh song and great thrash songs like ‘Impalement Execution‘ and ‘Judas Pariah‘. I think people will really love this one.”

Meanwhile, Cavalera was asked about how Faith No More, etc. frontman Mike Patton came to guest on “Lookaway” from Sepultura‘s 1996 album “Roots“. Both Korn frontman Jonathan Davis and House Of Pain/ex-Limp Bizkit turntablist DJ Lethal also guested on that track, though Cavalera states that the album’s producer Ross Robinson was responsible for the latter two appearances.

“…The original idea was just Mike Patton, we were good friends with Mike and Faith No More. They were big fans of Sepultura, especially Billy [Gould]. He was wearing our shirts in their videos before people even knew who Sepultura was, he was always wearing our shirt and we became friends in Brazil during a tour and Mike ended up spending some time at my brothers beach house and we became friends.

I always loved ‘Angel Dust‘, it was one of my favourite records of all time and when it came time to do ‘Roots‘ we thought of a guest. We just had Jello Biafra on ‘Chaos A.D.‘ doing lyrics for ‘Biotech Is Godzilla‘ so we thought about doing something different so we invited Mike Patton but because Ross Robinson was producing the album – he was really good friends with Jon from Korn – so he ended up bringing Jon.

That wasn’t even our idea, we never really knew that Jon was going to be on the album. Ross just showed up with him and we said the more the better you know, and also it was Ross’s idea to have DJ Lethal. At that time he was in House Of Pain so yeah, it just came out and we started doing some sounds and I had an opening riff that was really cool and Mike started doing the vocals.

The Indian chant on it was really killer, it gave me goose bumps and then Jon wrote some words for it. We ended up doing it and in the end it was the three of us making weird psychotic noises like breathing so it was fun. It was a fun day in the studio, I love those jams in the studio. I’ve done those my whole life, I’ve recorded with everyone from Tom Araya to Corey Taylor and Sean Lennon but that was one of my favourite recordings with Mike for ‘Lookaway‘.

It came out really good, we’ve been playing it every night on this tour and we play it a little bit different. It’s one of those songs that allows you to jam in the end, some nights a bigger jam, some a little shorter. It’s a great live song to play.”

Both “Roots” and Sepultura‘s “Chaos A.D.” will be getting new expanded re-releases in November.

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