Slipknot's Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor: “I’m Not Looking To Do Anything Slipknot Related For At Least Two Years”


Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor was recently interviewed by about Stone Sour, parenting and more. When asked about the current status of Slipknot however, Taylor¬†once again confirmed that it’s going to be around at least two years before he dives back into the band. When asked what was going on with Slipknot at the moment, he offered:

“Nothing, really. Everyone’s kinda doing their own thing right now. Clown is looking for a movie project, which is awesome. Jim was gonna start working on some music, but he had some surgery done on his back again, so he’s just kind of taking it easy.

There’s no rush. I’m not looking to do anything Slipknot related for at least two years. That’s the reason why people get so fucking excited when we come back. You give people a chance to miss us. I think that’s a lost art. There’s so many artists that think they just need to fucking stack albums on top of each other, because they’re afraid the audience is gonna go away. Fuckin’ let ’em! And then give them a reason to come back. I’m not worried about it. And if I was, I’d be in the wrong business.”

While Taylor is out touring with Stone Sour on their newly released album “Hydrograd“, a number of members of Slipknot have been writing new material for the band’s eventual next album however.