Incubus Rank All Eight Of Their Albums In New Videos


Incubus vocalist Brandon Boyd and drummer José Pasillas II have rated their records in the below video feature for Vevo UK. The effort finds the pair sharing some interesting opinions. Their described their first effort “Fungus Amongus” as “our worst record we ever recorded.”, giving it a 1 and a half.

As for “S.C.I.E.N.C.E.“, Boyd rated it a 3.2. He went on to say of “Make Yourself“: “[it] was the first time where I had a sense of who we were as a band. Like A real sense of identity started to emerge.” The pair went on to share insight about their various records throughout the brief series of clips, which you can find below. Here’s how they eventually ranked their records on a scale of mostly 1/10 with ten being the highest.

Fungus Amongus” – Boyd/Pasillas: 1.5
S.C.I.E.N.C.E.” – Boyd/Pasillas: 3.2
Make Yourself” – Boyd/Pasillas: 7
Morning View” – Boyd/Pasillas: 8
A Crow Left Of The Murder” – Boyd/Pasillas: 9
Light Grenades” – Boyd/Pasillas: 6.5
If Not Now, When?” – Boyd/Pasillas: 6.8
8” – Boyd/Pasillas: 11

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