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Converge’s Jacob Bannon Ranks The Band’s Records


Converge, etc. frontman Jacob Bannon has taken part in Noisey‘s ‘rank your records’ feature, spelling out his personal preference of the band’s releases to date thus far. As part of the feature it is also revealed that he recently finished up tracking vocals for the group’s forthcoming new album, details for which are still being kept under wraps. His choices for albums can be found below, while the full feature finds him speaking at length about each release. You can read that over at Noisey.

08 – “Halo In A Haystack
07 – “Petitioning The Empty Sky
06 – “When Forever Comes Crashing
05 – “Jane Doe
04 – “You Fail Me
03 – “No Heroes
02 – “Axe To Fall
01 – “All We Love We Leave Behind

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During the conversation he also goes into the past struggles they had with their then label Equal Vision, that label being unhappy with certain aspects of “Jane Doe” and more. Regarding 2004’s “You Fail Me“, which marked the band’s first release with Epitaph Records, he offered:

“…Making the music, that was hyper-focused, and the recording of it happened pretty quickly. We were under a bit of a time crunch for a variety of reasons, but the issue that dragged on for so long was a disagreement with Equal Vision. They felt that we were their property as a band and that we did not fulfill our obligation to them. They felt that we owed them another album.

We signed a deal back then for two albums and one option of an album. And mind you, we were kids when we signed that. We were in our early 20s—and that’s no excuse, we had a lawyer look at it—but we were just thrilled. The label felt that ‘Petitioning The Empty Sky‘ was not an album, and did not count as a release that was part of our agreement with the label. We felt we’d given them the two albums and the optional third, Petitioning, When Forever, and Jane, and we said we were choosing to move on.

And they said, “No you’re not. We’re holding onto you.” I understand their mentality, and I understand their perspective, but we had a different perspective. And citing also what I said earlier, regarding how I felt like they weren’t understanding creatively where we were coming from, I felt that it was time to go. And the rest of the guys felt like it was time to go as well.”

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