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Of Mice & Men’s Aaron Pauley On New Material: “There’s A Lot Of Heavy Songs That We’re Working On”


Of Mice & Men have been continuing to demo new material for their eventual next release when time permits. Frontman/bassist Aaron Pauley recently told Metal Hammer that they are drawing from the heavier elements of their earlier efforts with the new songs, offering:

“There’s a lot of heavy songs that we’re working on that are either already written and demoed or that we’re in the process of writing. I think what we’re doing right now, which is the most important thing that we can, is really just honing in on the elements of what makes our music sound like our music.”

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He also spoke of the band continuing on following the departure of vocalist Austin Carlile from the group:

“A lot of bands don’t get a second lease on life when they lose somebody as impactful as Austin. We’ve got a new lease on life. You can spend so much time thinking about the future and then you’re finally there, and you don’t remember how you got there. We’re just taking a conscious approach to enjoying the here and now more than where we hope to be.”

Pauley has of course since stepped up to handle all of the main vocal duties in the wake of Carlile‘s departure.

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