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Elder Premiere “The Falling Veil”


Elder have dropped a new song titled “The Falling Veil” from their new album “Reflections Of A Floating World“. You can hear that song now over at Stereogum with guitarist/frontman Nick DiSalvo DiSalvo offering:

“In the years following the release of Lore and the extensive touring that ensued, life became a blur of constant touring, flights, opportunities and stress, friendships and broken relationships – put shortly, the trials and tribulations of a band playing music for a living and living to play.

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It is during these years that the lyrical content for the new album took form, from introspection about what it means to live life on your own terms, to refuse to cave to societal and peer pressure and carve your own path. The term “the floating world” comes from a particular period in Japanese society which is associated with a flourishing of the arts, but also a self-destructively decadent lifestyle. Our own “floating world” is the one we inhabit today – filled with greed, sadistically capitalist and relentlessly hedonistic – and the album’s songs are the band’s own “reflections” of it.

In traditional Elder fashion, however, nothing is one-sided: the songs portray the tragedy of a meaningless and shallow existence, but also celebrate hope in an almost anarchic, self-determined life.

The Falling Veil” is a quite energetic song for the band and one that we started writing in one form or another directly after Lore was released. One thing the listener might immediately recognize is the prominence of Fender Rhodes and Mellotron in the song, especially in the latter half; we wanted to give this album a more fleshed-out sound in every regard, and a lot of the time that ended up being in the form of extra guitar tracks or keyboards that we couldn’t previously imagine live as a three-piece.

Lyrically, the song is about a feeling a lot of people probably have reaching a certain point in their life – that they have been living according to the rules or preconceptions of other people, that the “correct” way to live one’s life is often not determined by oneself, but by his or her peers or society.

Suddenly the penny drops and you realize that you’re not responsible to anyone but yourself and your own values. This is the moment that the veil of the reality you thought you knew drops and the world becomes a more magical place than you imagined.”

Pre-orders for the album are available now via Bandcamp.

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