Glenn Danzig

Glenn Danzig Talks New Single, Previously Unreleased Tracks & More


A new Danzig track titled “Devil On Highway Nine” is out lurking on the internet after having surfaced over the weekend. With an official premiere seemingly looming and the copyright claims in full effect, you may have some trouble finding it though. The song is the first to arrive from Danzig‘s new album, “Black Laden Crown“, which is headed for a May 19th release date. Glenn Danzig himself recently appeared on Loudwire and said of the track: “This is a cool song. I wanted to do a driving song, just crazy driving, pedal to the metal song. And this is it.”

During the same conversation, Danzig also spoke of the various unreleased tracks he’s accumulated over the years:

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“…There’s a lot of stuff left over from lost tracks that didn’t make it. There’s a lot of unfinished stuff. Then, of course, since that time, there’s tracks that didn’t make it to ‘Deth Red Sabaoth‘. There’s cover songs that didn’t’ make it onto the cover record. I did a cover of Iggy Pop’s “Fun Time.”

He continued:

“Me and Tommy [Victor, guitar] did a really good job. The guitars are very heavy. And stuff like that. I think I did another track [“Some Velvet Morning“] with Cherie [Currie] because they wouldn’t let us use the track with Cherie, the publishers, which is a drag. It came out really good too. She did it onstage with us, though, at Universal.”

The same conversation also finds him discussing the Misfits reunion, the upcoming Blackest Of The Black‘ festival and more.

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