Slipknot's Corey Taylor

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Slams The Grammys Over Their Treatment Of The Metal Genre


Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor went off on the Grammys in a recent appearance on ‘The ETC Show‘ (see below.) Speaking of the infamous technical issues that plagued Metallica‘s live collaboration with Lady Gaga, he offered:

“I feel bad for Metallica. Honestly, because at this point in their career they shouldn’t have been disrespected like that. The fact that… They shut [James Hetfield‘s microphone] off. Metallica doesn’t have control of that.”

Taylor continued, bringing up presenter Laverne Cox forgetting to introduce Metallica prior to the set (which Cox later apologized for on Twitter):

“The thing that people have to remember… I’m gonna give you a little background. All of Metallica ‘s people are not allowed to work on live performances on television. None of us are. They have a sound producer and a whole crew of people who work on those shows, and then your people work right behind them, all right? But you’re not allowed to touch anything, which is horseshit, because stuff like this then happens. The fact that then they weren’t introduced? It was just, ‘Oh, here’s Lady Gaga…’ Oh, by the way, she’s fucking with Metallica, you dick.”

He continued:

“I have a lot of very strong opinions about the Grammys anyway, [but] that really cemented it for me. We don’t need your respect. We don’t need you to make us feel like we accomplished something, ’cause all you do is open our mouths and shit in it, and I’m tired of tasting it. So, fuck you, dude. And by the way, I’ve won one, so it’s not a big deal. They don’t even really listen to this shit. They go, ‘Oh, I recognize that name. There you go.'”

For what it’s worth, Grammy Awards producer Ken Ehrlich later apologized to Metallica for the technical issues.

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