Incubus Discuss “Dark And Lovely” New Album “8”


Incubus have discussed the overall vibe of their new album “8” in an interview with KROQ. As frontman Brandon Boyd put it:

“People have been asking and I say it’s dark and lovely. It’s a heavy record but the content of it is dealing with… any number of topics between good old fashioned loneliness and isolation up to paranoia and obsolescence, aging. But then there’s also moments of just pure unadulterated love and confusion. So it kind of runs the spectrum I suppose.

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We live in dark times, my friend. So what we’re doing as artists is acting as a mirror to culture here and there and hopefully offering little glimmers of hope through the joy in music we all have.”

The band worked with producer Dave Sardy (Helmet, Slayer) on that effort, with Boyd saying the recording process was fairly strenuous with multiple takes being demanded for each part. The album is currently headed for a tentative April 21st release date through Island.