Body Count

Body Count’s Ice-T Says Donald Trump Is “The Ultimate Con Artist”


Body Count frontman, etc. Ice-T has spoken with regarding the band’s new album, “Bloodlust“, the Black Lives Matter movement and of course, U.S. President Donald Trump, among other topics. Speaking of Trump in particular, he offered:

“I think we all were surprised that Trump won, because dude be lying. He’s a motherfucker. He didn’t never show his taxes. He’s the ultimate con artist. He’s the kind of rich person, when people say they don’t like rich people—that’s what they mean.

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I know Richard Branson, I know Mark Cuban—billionaires that you can sit up and kick it with. But Trump is an elitist. He’s a demagogue. And yeah, it’s scary, man. He’s got a lot of power. I come from the gang world, you know. You can’t just be talking shit and think the other gangs don’t hear you.

You can’t talk the way he talks and think the rest of the world doesn’t see him as their enemy. Once the dude told the world, ‘I’m smarter than the generals,’ I knew we were up shit creek. But I predict his own supporters will turn on him in six to eight months. So let’s just cross our fingers.”

He also spoke of the band’s decision to include a medley of Slayer‘s “Raining Blood” and “Postmortem” on “Bloodlust“, offering:

“We played it in a rehearsal, just fucking around, and we Periscoped it. People went batshit crazy for it, so we were like, ‘Should we put that on the album?’ Then we did a show in Arizona where we just opened with that, and the crowd went crazy. So we knew we needed it in our repertoire, and I did that little intro on the album where I mention Black Sabbath and Suicidal [Tendencies] and Slayer, because I think Body Count is a hybrid of those three groups. Then you add my gangster sensibility and lyrics that come more from the street.”

Video of that cover he mentioned above can be fond here. There’s a lot more to be heard from Ice-T over at “Bloodlust” is slated for a March 31st release and a new single from is titled “All Lives Matterrecently debuted online.

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