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Polar Debut “Deus Ex Machina” Video, Comeback Kid’s Andrew Neufeld Guests


Polar‘s music video for “Deus Ex Machina” made its way online today and is available below. Comeback Kid frontman Andrew Neufeld reprises his studio role on the track in the clip. Guitarist Fabian Lomas told Metal Hammer of the song:

“‘Deus Ex Machina‘ really explains the decline in human interaction and compassion towards each other. Modern day life is being lived through ever present technological devices and social media forums, people are forgetting what it’s like to actually have real opinions, real experiences and real friends. Concerts are great examples of this, where people just stand and film it rather than actually enjoying and experiencing it. Technology seems to have a strangle-hold on people, the title ‘Deus Ex Machina‘ means god in the machine, and one day it may take over… its certainly seems to be heading that way.”

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