Metallica's Lars Ulrich

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Jokes That He Should Have Taken Lessons, Shares Favorite “St. Anger” Insult


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich took part in a lighthearted interview with Entertainment Weekly in which he offered up some entertainingly self-depreciating responses.

A few highlights include:

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When you’re in the middle of a kickass drum solo, where do your thoughts drift off to?:
“I should have taken lessons. I hope the sound man has turned this up so loud that the volume is masking my inability. Every late great drummer is currently turning over in his grave.” And then the last one is: “Since I write the set list, reminder: Don’t put ‘One’ on tomorrow’s set list.”

You’re the only American band to have five consecutive studio albums debut at No. 1 on Billboard 200. What would you do to ensure that this one goes No. 1, too? Would you be willing to, say, give back the Grammy you won for St. Anger?:
“[Pause] Did we win a Grammy for St. Anger?”

You actually did.:
“Winning a Grammy for St. Anger just sounds wrong.”

It does.:
“Since we have more Grammys than No. 1 albums, for the sense of balancing those out, yes, I would give the St. Anger Grammy back, to get those numbers closer together.”

You received a lot of flak for the sound of your snare in St. Anger. What was your favorite insult?:
“There were so many that I can’t remember, but the one that I generally say was right there with the best of them, which was that I forgot to take the snare out of the cardboard box that it came in.”

You can find the whole discussion over at Entertainment Weekly.

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