Joey Jordison

It Looks Like Kris Norris Has Called Out Joey Jordison (Ex-Slipknot) Over His VIMIC Exit


Guitarist Kris Norris (ex-Darkest Hour, etc.) looks to have called out his former Scar The Martyr/VIMIC bandmate Joey Jordison with the below post shared via his Facebook:

“When I decided to quit Vimic I did it on my own terms, for various reasons I will not reveal here. I left everything there. My guitars, my clothes, my life. Due to legal obligation because a certain someone feels that after I wrote and recorded his whole CD and on top of that 31 songs plus, I am not entitled to what is mine. Guess what, tonight I got one of my guitars back…come after me. I am only in this for my son.

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Come after me when you sent me a text that said ‘fuck your son’ you lost me and I will find a band and move on. I am over you and I cannot wait until the rest of the world knows. I told you I would not hesitate to say my piece. You cannot hide behind money. Money is not the be all end all. Truth, family. That is and for the fact you called me family… fuck you.”

[via Lambgoat]

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