We Are Harlot

We Are Harlot: “Of Course We’re Still A Band”, Danny Worsnop Booked At Country Festival


A previous update from We Are Harlot revealed that they were “blindsided” by the return of their frontman Danny Worsnop to Asking Alexandria and that they were seemingly unsure of his involvement going forward. An update posted today (November 02nd) shares a tease of a new We Are Harlot song and sounds much more confident of the band’s future plans, though stops short of confirming if Worsnop will remain on the vocals:

“Of course we’re still a band!
Of course we’re still making music!
Of course we’re going to tour our asses of in 2017!
And.. Here’s a teaser of song 2 off the new album coming your way soon.
It’s called “Holding on is Worse” 🐉🐺🐯🐍”

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In other news, Wornsop also continues to pursue his country career with the upcoming February 17th release of his country solo album, “The Long Road Home“. In addition to debuting this music video yesterday, he has also been booked for an upcoming country festival:

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