Danny Worsnop

Asking Alexandria’s Danny Worsnop Goes Country With “Mexico” Video


Asking Alexandria frontman Danny Worsnop has released a NSFWish music video for his new solo country track, “Mexico“. As Worsnop tells Classic Rock, inspiration struck for the song at a bar:

“That first verse just jumped right out of my eighteenth glass of Jameson and right into my mind. Knowing my brain, I immediately excused myself and waited for the lightning to strike. I then proceeded to pace outside the bar singing into my phone until the song was done, which was probably about 20 minutes later.”

Worsnop‘s country debut, “The Long Road Home“, will be released on February 17th through Earache. Worsnop of course recently rejoined Asking Alexandria and and is currently out on the road with them on the ‘10 Years In The Black Tour‘.

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