We Are Harlot

We Are Harlot Say They Were “Blindsided” By Danny Worsnop’s Return To Asking Alexandria


We Are Harlot have commented on their singer Danny Worsnop‘s return to Asking Alexandria, saying that they were “blindsided” by the news. The put out the following statement on the matter:

“Hi everyone..
Ok, where to start?
So just like everybody else, We were pretty much blindsided by all this in the same way. We saw and heard bits of things but found out in about the same way you all did.

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Things change fast in the music business and many times a decision is made very quickly that changes everybody’s schedules and futures. Everybody in the Music Industry – bands, labels, managers, agents, lawyers, you name it – are doing what they can to survive. Package tours, VIP experience, album sales linked to ticket sales, get an original line-up back together (hmmm…) the list goes on and on! Everything that is happening now is fully understandable from behind the curtains.

We’ve all seen this story before.
Here’s the biggest problem.. All this comes at the expense of one person, wait millions of people, You the innocent loyal fan. And to us.. that sucks! Cause we in Harlot started this band cause we were, and still are the fans! We are no different then you.
And, this is the state of the music business at this juncture.. It is daily becoming increasingly more and more difficult for artists and labels to make enough money to live, let alone tour and make albums.

We in Harlot will in no way act as though we are the victims. There is zero me is us and there is zero me in We. We Are Harlot is exactly what it has always been.. All of us in a resounding “We”. And We proved that with a debut album that was critically praised worldwide, won multiple awards and spent 11 months of straight touring through 28 countries worldwide and much much more. Not a bad start.

Harlot was always built on friendship, integrity and the fun of writing and performing the music that we truly love. Anyone who ever saw us play saw 4 guys having an absolute amazing time together on and off the stage. Actually playing the music! As if that should even have to be said.
So, that brings up the resounding question of what next…

At this point we will wait to see what happens and we will keep our fingers crossed along with all of you. But rest assured, Harlot will not be sidelined in ANY way and know full well that you will have a new Harlot album in your hands by Feb. One way or another.

We love you all and thanks for dealing with all this along with us. See you out on the road very soon.”

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