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Phil Anselmo Gives First Proper Interview Since Infamous ‘Dimebash’ Event


Down/Superjoint, etc. frontman Phil Anselmo has given his first proper interview (technically this would be the first interview) since his infamous usage of racist gestures and phrases at the ‘Dimebash‘ event this past January. The interview appears as the cover story on the latest issue of ‘Decibel, which is in stores now. It’s an extensive discussion with the man who does repeatedly express regret for what he did, though remains adamant that he is not a racist. Of the night in question he in part stated:

“First and foremost, I do take full accountability. I’m not deflecting at all. What I did was insulting, absolutely, and abhorrent, because it truly did upset people, and it hurts my heart that anyone would think that I’m the dreaded ‘R’ word—a racist. Anyone who truly knows me know that it’s utterly ridiculous. But if I did offend my Jewish friends, people I work with, my associations, other people in bands… if I were to upset people in that particular way—that’s why I apologized. That apology is there—and no, you won’t get another one ever again.”

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Anselmo later pointed out that the outright condemnation he received was somewhat ironic considering the musicians he plays with:

“It’s kinda funny, considering I’ve got a Mexican drummer [Jose “Blue” Gonzalez] and a half-black guitar player. [Kevin Bond]”

In the fallout of the video, many were quick to write off Pantera as well due to the incident and a prior video filmed during the 90’s in Montreal in which he was accused of sharing racist views from the stage. In the aforementioned cover story he was quick to cite various black and Jewish heroes of his, pointing out that the Pantera song “Mouth For War” was written about former boxer James Toney. He also went on to clarify that he has “never written a white power song in my entire discography.”

The article delves deep into the night of ‘Dimebash‘, with Anselmo stating that a few fans in attendance had been inciting him throughout the night with alleged chants of “racist”, with his actions being in part a frustrated reaction to them. Meanwhile the initial ‘white wine apology‘ apparently came from him kissing King’s X vocalist/bassist Doug Pinnick—who if you’re unaware is an out black man—on the lips. Pinnick commented in turn that Anselmo ‘tasted good’ on account of the white wine he was drinking that night.

Pinnick himself was interviewed and confirmed that the kiss took place in the story, but does not condone Anselmo‘s actions later that night, surmising that it was Anselmo‘s ill-advised attempt at a joke. There’s a lot more from Anselmo and his current bandmates on the incident to be read in the article, as well word of Anselmo‘s future plans and how the whole ordeal has changed him going forward, which includes a current patch of sobriety. There’s even a clearer explanation as to why Superjoint Ritual are now simply known as Superjoint in the piece. You can pick the issue up now at


Phil Anselmo - Decibel

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