Vinnie Paul Says Phil Anselmo Has Tarnished Pantera’s Image


Former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul (now of HELLYEAH) has said that the band’s ex-singer Phil Anselmo has tarnished the image of their former band on numerous occasions. The two have not spoken to each other since the early 2000’s. Vinnie told R7 earlier last month:

“I can’t speak for him. He’s done a lot of things that tarnish the image of what Pantera was back then and what it stood for and what it was all about. And it’s sad. But I carry on with what I do, which is HELLYEAH, which I’m very, very proud of. And, you know, I can’t control anything that goes on with that dude. I mean, honestly, I haven’t spoken to him since 2000. So there you have it.”

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Anselmo of course was seen onstage shouting “white power” and giving sieg heils during the ‘Dimebash‘ event this past January—which was held to celebrate the legacy of the band and their late guitarist, “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott. He made numerous apologies following widespread condemnation for the incident.

[via Blabbermouth]

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